Furnace Services

Let’s talk about your furnace, that beautiful appliance receiving unheated air, cleaning it up using an air filter, heating it with a gas burner and then sending it back through the duct system using a blower motor. Due to the climate in Winnipeg, your furnace may or may not have a humidifier installed near by. The good news is that a reputable furnace service will last several years while keeping heating costs down. The bad news is that, just like any other appliance, it will suffer from breakdowns and either require to be fixed or replaced.

What could be wrong with your Furnace?

  • Furnaces have a condenser and if the condenser doesn’t run properly, you may not receive any power.
  • Your home thermostat may be set too high.
  • The motor or compressor may be faulty.

What else should I know about my Furnace?

  • If you experience uneven or inadequate cooling, it might be because your distribution system is out of balance.
  • If the furnace unit is not big enough, it could cause furnace problems.
  • If your furnace doesn’t cool at all, it may mean that the condenser or evaporator are either dirty or blocked, that the thermostat is set too high, that the compressor is faulty or malfunctioning or that your system does not have enough refrigerant.

Most of these issues are easily detected by an HVAC technician who will assess and detect any issues occurring with your furnace unit. It is important to remember that you cannot solve these problems at home to ensure safety and prevent future damage from happening to your furnace.

We recommend that you give your Climate Change YWG technician a call to resolve any furnace problems you may be experiencing.

Did you know?

At Climate Change YWG, we are open 24/7.