Why Choose Climate Change YWG AS Your Furnace Installation Company?

The role played by furnace installers is being appreciated today more than ever. Why? Because your home is the most comfortable place you will ever be in and it is important that you are receiving the adequate amount of heat, while keeping your heating bills low.

Comfort and safety is the priority of the HVAC technicians at Climate Change YWG. The best part? We are available 24/7, no holds, no operators – that’s right, your same day appointment will be booked on the spot.

Energy Efficient Furnace

One of the main concerns about furnace heating is efficiency. We only provide 98% efficient furnaces because we don’t believe in settling for less. Winnipeg, we know how cold and long your winters can be but not to worry – our furnaces will match your needs!

Right Choice Furnace

Investing in a furnace is a long term commitment. We choose Trane as our brand of choice. We believe that your furnace should match your heating and comfort needs, but also lower your electricity bills. Can someone say win-win?

Quality Service

Getting the best furnace installation goes beyond the HVAC unit. It also looks at the experience a user will have. For instance, operating the heating furnace should be easy and straightforward. A good system should last for several years offering quality heating and requiring minimal service or maintenance.

Another key factor to keep in mind is hiring a technician that has a vast amount of knowledge – that’s why with Climate Change YWG, you can rest assured that over 100 years of combined experience won’t go unnoticed.


Did someone say Warranty? Our units are covered by the manufacture warranty so you can be sure to have certainty and peace of mind.