Born in London, England, Vaughn has worked in some of the neatest places in the world, including sunny California and Toronto. His career began in 1998 when he spent the majority of his time duct cleaning. Briefly after, he became a successful installer in Winnipeg where he startet his career in HVAC. Years later, he chose to embark in a life journey to the West that eventually led him to Calgary, which he called home for many years before moving to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Vaughn is a dad of 4 girls ranging from the ages of 9 to 25 so it’s no wonder that no job is too big and that he runs a great ship with the help of a solid team.

Upon meeting Dean, they knew that Winnipeg needed more companies who cared about people.

“Life is similar to thee of sports; only when giving all of your dedication and passion, can you truly be successful. A great team of people who simply care about Manitobians is what Climate Change Heating YWG represents”.

Away from work, Vaughn may be found cheering for the basketball team Chicago Bulls and wishing that Michael Jordan was still playing, or training for the Basketball Masters Tournament taking place in Spain in 2018.

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