How often should furnace filters be changed?

A furnace is an important heating gadget that plays a significant role of regulating the temperature in homes situated in winter environments. It is, therefore, nonsensical not to keep the furnace in the right functioning condition and expect a high-class heating system all the time. One of the major components of the furnace is a filter whose function is to prevent solid particle from getting into the house. During the winter season, the heater keeps running almost every minute; this means that it traps a lot of dirt, dust and other solid particles that do affect its normal functioning. Virtually all furnace filters are trusty as far as catching dirt, dust, pet dander, among other solid particles. They are, therefore, essential gadgets, and they need to be maintained at par functionality especially during the cold season. In this case, there is a need to change them on a regular basis for better performance.

The question is, how often should the furnace filter be changed? Note that the furnace filters may fail to function either because it is old or because it is clogged by solid particles. In this case, a person who thinks that filters should be changed after every one year is taking the wrong direction. For proper performance, the furnace filter should be changed on a regular basis depending on the type of the filter used and the activities surrounding the home. It is recommended that the 1inch thick pleated filters should be replaced on a monthly basis. The high-efficiency furnace filters, the 3-inch thick filters, need to be changed after every three months. A majority of people prefer using the high-efficiency furnace filter since it is changed once every three months instead of the thinner filters that needs a monthly replacement.

Sometimes, some home habits dictate how often the filters need to be changed. Some home activities break the normal cycle through which the filters should be changed. For instance, if a home has a lot of animals, it means that there is a lot of pet dander in the home environment. In this case, there will be a need to change the filter more often than the recommended time. The same case applies in a room where there people who smoke a lot. In short, if the furnace is running most of the time, it is paramount to keep checking its performance. Consider changing the furnace filter if it is visibly clogged or dirty; do not wait until the end of the month or after the three months cycle to replace it.

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