Air Conditioning Installation Cost

It’s hard to picture a comfortable life without a heating, venting and air conditioning unit installed in our homes. If you do not have one or the old AC unit is not functioning properly, you are probably thinking about making such an investment. If you have already chosen your air conditioning unit and you are wondering how much does it cost to install air conditioning, we are planning to give you the answer to this question in the following article.

The air conditioning installation cost is different for every type of air conditioning unit. Statistically speaking, central air conditioning systems are the most expensive. For example, if you have a two thousand square-foot home, you will have to spend approximately $4.000. However, this price is applied when all the ductwork is already installed and may double itself if you have to install it from scratch.

However, if the type of air conditioning unit you have chosen is a split type unit, you will probably spend less, somewhere around $3.000. Depending on the size of the unit and whether you need additional alterations or not, you could spend $2.000 more on the installation.

The third type of air conditioning unit we are going to talk about is the window unit. They are cheaper than the previous two types. However, their prices range depending on the size of the space you are planning to cool. As an example, you will spend about $200 on a smaller unit, used to cool a 150 square foot space and about $400 for a 400 square foot space. So, the bigger the space the higher the price of your unit will be.

Finally, ductless air conditioning units are cheaper than central types, because they do not use any ductwork, their installation cost also being smaller.

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